Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hear Dick ramble

What would you think of a biologist who advocates inbreeding? That's about what I think of a self proclaimed economic guru who advocates buying local.

After listening to the most recent podcast of "And Then There's That..." with guest Dick Story, a great budget cut occurred to me. Cut all grants to the Howard County Economic Development Authority. The Howard County EDA is at best a completely useless organization, and at worst they foster crony capitalism. I have blogged before about how absurd I think the HCEDA is.

I wish the hosts of ATTT would have asked Story about what benefits if any were achieved from the 2008 taxpayer funded trip to India, but unfortunately they didn't.


Anonymous said...

I thought about FM today when I heard George Will describe 7,000 retirees (daily, weekly?) and our national 'ponzi' scheme.

Now the question is, did that term originate with our own local blogger and make it's way to National attention?

Anonymous said...

You really MUST be kidding. ATTT actually adding something to the county conversation? FORGET IT.

They're completely useless, just like the EDA.