Sunday, February 24, 2008

I' m leaving on a jet plane...

Ken Ulman gets to go on a tax dollar funded trip (yes, the Howard County Economic Development Authority gets most of its funding from tax dollars) to a country that I would love to visit- India. The purpose of the visit, according to the County website, is as follows:

In addition to meeting with targeted prospects, the objectives of the mission include promoting increased cross-investment between Howard County and India, providing firsthand market information and business contacts and developing and expanding strategic relationships with key Indian and U.S. organizations.

This seems like an odd objective considering many tech businesses are already doing business with partners all over the world. In fact, Ulman is going to look at some kind of radar contraption that is being used in India but was built by Johns Hopkins APL, which of course, is located right in Howard County. I guess the government is several years behind the times with respect to globalization. If I was cynical, I would think that this trip has more to do with getting some face time with the press and nailing down some campaign contributions. But that would pretty far fetched, don’t you think?

The Sun has more on the trip here.


jim adams said...

A little cynicism is not a bad thing,

But in a time when we are faced with a possible recession, and there has been a decrease in the positive impression that countries have of the U.S. a little International grass roots could go a long way.

Building relationships is admirable skill, and I wish him the best.

FreeMarket said...

Other countries don't want to kill us because of our fancy radar systems, Microsoft Windows or our Gibson guitars, they want to kill us because of our government. Btw, I think India is making too much money off us to want to harm us, and vise versa. That type of relationship goes a hell of a lot farther to keep peace than any politician ever could.

jim adams said...

I would love to have a Gibson quitar, but it would be a waste, I can't even play my car radio.

If you think India makes too much money off of us, why don't you get some of it back. Go to NASDAQ, look for IBN(ICICI Bank) and HDB(HDFC Bank). They are great investments. Oop's SLT, and INFY are also good.

After you make a ton of money do for your wife what Shah Jehan did for Mumtaz Mahal (the Taj Mamal)

In your spare time read about Dr. Kalam and Dr C. Roja Gobarachlalari
(hope my spelling is correct). They were both Presidents of India.
Very inspiring men. Hopefully Ulman well hear about them while he is there.

By the way India is the biggest Democracy in the world. I Billion people. That works out in some areas to 1 Thousand people per square mile, and we think we have zoning problems.

It's my hope that Ulman will benefit from his trip, if only to apppreciate what can be done if government wants to work with it's citizens, which I feel he does already.

Wouldn't it be nice if he worked out some arrangements that would benefit business in Howard Co. Maybe I could buy a Gibson quitars, and afford the lessons.

About those people that want to kill us, they want to kill everyone, even themselves, so we shouldn't take it personel