Monday, March 22, 2010

Health care legislation vs. HHAP

I am wondering what the health care legislation will mean for the
Healthy Howard Access Plan? I assume it is a death sentence but I
guess we'll see. This could be the perfect excuse for Ulman to pull
the plug while at the same time framing HHAP as a successful stop gap
program. Taxpayers have committed $1 million to HHAP and the lastest
enrollment figures I have heard is 700ish participants.


the real slim shady said...

The death sentence for HHAP was issued when the program failed in the first year.

The recent passage of HCR legislation, however, is perfect in enabling Ulman to promote this as a success while nationwide reform was developed. He'll be able to seize on this opportunity to shut down HHAP without ever admitting its failure - financially or programmatically.

Anonymous said...

Ulman's real intent is the have Bilenson use this $500k for political campaign purposes. I'm sure we can all look forward to Ulman's face on Ad's and Mailers toting how He made Howard so Healthy.....

Anonymous said...

$1 million out of $2.5 billion over 2 years? Are you seriously that concerned about that line-item out of the millions of others that should give one pause? How many Howard Countians really will vote anyone currently in office out of office over that whow ould not have otherwise?

Freemarket said...

No need to get your panties in a bunch, 9:33. HHAP is one of many things I have criticized. And the combined operating and capital budgets are $2 billion per year.