Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trent's on Twitter

I can't really stand politicians so don't take this as an endorsement, but Trent Kittleman is on Twitter. It looks like her tweet volume is pretty low but I suspect that will heat up pretty soon. Ken Ulman can do two things well: spend money like it grows on trees and promote himself via social media. We'll see if Kittleman can surpass him on the latter.


Anonymous said...

Ulman does a third thing well: make up titles for his sketchy resume.

Seriously, can anyone explain what "Secretary of the Cabinet" means?

Anonymous said...

The dude has been in office for 4 years. All you can find is trumped up garbage that didn't stick 4 years ago?!?!

For God's sake, attack the man on his actions over the past 4 years or just shut the hell up!

Seriously, can anyone explain why there's no criticism from you on HHAP? Furloughing employees yet paying for Park and Rec staff to play on a moonbounce?

Anonymous said...

The only thing trumped up is Ulmann's CV. I would put the Healthy Howard at the top of any criticism list.