Sunday, February 1, 2009

Getting crazy in Daisy

Another article appeared in the Sun on the car lot in Daisy issue. It offers a fair summary of what has occurred so far, although there is no mention of traffic concerns that some residents have. I don't think that concerns about the additional traffic in this area are legitimate anyway. This article makes it sound like the opposition is really just against a car dealership. I don't know if that is the case, but I have to wonder if the proposed car lot would be selling John Deere tractors instead of cars if this would even be an issue.

The site in Daisy has been zoned commercial for more than 50 years, and other vehicle-related businesses operate there. But more than 200 residents met to protest when they learned about plans for a 3,850-square-foot building and 155-vehicle lot on 4.2 acres at Daisy and Union Chapel roads. County officials have said they can't stop the legal use of a property owner's land. The crossroads has been a commercial center since 1873.

To defeat the used-car lot, leaders of a group called Concerned Citizens of Western Howard County asked county government to change zoning regulations for all commercial properties in rural areas.

County planners and the Planning Board unanimously rejected that. The board decision said the group was effectively trying to obtain a zoning change via an inappropriate process.

Despite that, the group is happy that the Planning Board also said that the lot doesn't fit in the rural setting and recommended that the County Council request "a comprehensive study of the commercial properties in the Rural West ... as soon as possible." Daisy residents want some kind of interim measure to block the car lot until the study is done.

This is the first bit I have heard from the owner of the property (who is also a local resident), who basically is moving forward with the project in March unless he is bought out:

Meanwhile, the owner of the land, Frank Saglimbeni of Woodbine, said he is poised to move forward with the project, but he is giving residents until mid-March to buy him out. He would not disclose his asking price.

"My deal is done," he said. "They can't block me."

Saglimbeni needs only to submit a final plan to get a building permit, but he said he has delayed that at the urging of county officials.

"I've given them the opportunity to buy my property," he said about the residents.


jim adams said...

I believe the traffic pattern that would occure is legitimate, but so what, we are not addressing that in this posting, as you said.

But, F.M. you do mention that there is no mention of the traffic pattern, as if that may give credence to the validity of your argument, so allow me to speak about something else that went unmentioned.

This site has been zoned commercial for 50 years, but not used for that purpose, and now during a recession seond only to the Great Depression, the owner whats to open a used car dealership, or does he?

Oh! that's right the paper said he did, but are papers always right?

Well more to my point. During a period when cars are not selling and small business is having trouble getting credit, the owner wants to open a car business.

Could it be, even though not mentioned in the paper, the owner is bluffing!!!!

Does the owner just want to rid himself of worthless property that he is paying taxes on?

Is this a game of poker???

p.s. in reference to a John Deere tractor dealership and the question, would it be an issue?

Have you ever seen a Deere run, I believe a dealership would run away from this deal.

Freemarket said...

My Deere is about 50 years old and only has two cylinders, but it still runs like a, well, deer. I prefer the IH red stuff, however.

If he is bluffing, then all the CCWHC have to do is go all in and call bullshit. Problem solved.

But if that were the case, why would the owner go through the trouble of paying lawyers, architects, surveyors, etc.? Why not just put a hot pink shed with lime green polka dots on the lot? Maybe put something embarrassing on the side of the shed, like "Daisy Whorehouse"? That might be a much cheaper way to try to get the community to buy the lot.

Either way, going through all that trouble to try to get some citizens to all agree to buy a lot seems like a hail mary to me. But hey, call the bluff.

jim adams said...

I have a grass cutting service, but I also have deer run across my property very night.

I think CCWHC should call his bluff, but they didn't elect me President.

Hot pink, green Whorehouse, I like the idea, but we would have worse traffic problems than a car dealership.

Going through all that trouble seems like poor business judgement to me, more reason to stop all this horse play.

Back to the House marathon.

p.s. I have a IH hat,it's black, and I love it.