Thursday, January 29, 2009


Great news! According the Baltimore Sun, O'Malley is pledging to lead Maryland through the recession! I feel better about our economic outlook already. Thank Buddha that we have politicians to lead us through this mess.


jim adams said...

I would like to agree, and say I feel better for all the reasons I know you have f.m., but anon would be upset, and yet if I say I feel lousey, anon would still be upset with me, so I will say nothing, knowing I will still be criticized.

p.s. OMG, O'Malley is pledging to lead Maryland through the recession!
p.s.s. sorry I couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for observing the rules of blog etiquette and proper protocol when reserving naming said anons - unlike those who think they know everything after living here one year and ridiculously claiming to speak for all citizens in Howard County, publicly embarrassing himself in a countywide publication.

Anonymous said...

What will it take for people to vote third party?

Currently we have a Congress that just voted a $400 monthly pay raise for themselves, while criticizing bankers for taking bonuses.

Politicians say that independents decide elections, and they say that independents' number one concern is being fiscally conservative - so how does the conservative party respond? By shoveling billions into a stinking sink hole that doesn't have an iota of impact on these independents.

What level of thievery will prompt people to say 'enough'?

jim adams said...

Anon 7:50 thanks for your gracious remarks.

Anon 7:57 I agree with you, there should be greater choice, a third, even a fourth party would provide that, but it will take much different circumstance than what we have now for this to occur.

That brings me to a related thought.
Our founding fathers knew that this experiment in government was a fraglie concept. They wrote about it in private to each other as well as spoke about it in public.

One of the things that makes it fraglie is the state of the economy, a poor economy makes our government ripe for change.

It is my belief that we are moving into a very deep and long recession, and this could make for a movement away from what government representation we now have.

It will be just as important for us to maintain a strong represative government as it will to improve our economy, How this will occur will depend on future circumstanes, as well as the effort, and will of every citizen. So I would say to you, get more involved, no matter how involved you are now, and get those around you more involved as well.

Anonymous said...

who is this person, does anyone know about him? what is this page?

Anonymous said...

The above link explains so much, but I'm still trying to figure out if this is really happening in Columbia.

The author says:

And has photos of disgusting conditions in Harpers Apartments in Columbia (MD). Is this really happening? Does anyone know about this? He's obviously beyond angry, but still someone with a position of power should reach out to help him and those in the same condition. It's their job to do that, and it's one of the most agreeable policies of President Obama.

I'm still trying to get my mind around this. Does anyone know about these conditions?

Ryan Ballengee said...

Anon 1/30 7:50, you outed yourself on my blog when you posted a link as a comment. It was a "send to a friend" link that had your name in it as the person who was sending from. I didn't out you on my own.

And I didn't claim to speak for everyone in HoCo in my letter to the HCT. I spoke to what I feel is true.

jim adams said...

Ryan, you continue to out this individual. That increases the chances that others who would identify them selfs as "Anonymous"
will not want to leave a comment on your blog

Does the temperory pleasure of this outing out weigh the long term benefits of trust given you by your readers????

Anonymous said...

You don't speak for many HC citizens though it appears you have an elevated level of self-importance:

"Howard County residents want responsibly planned development. They do not seek to quell development on a case-by-case basis.

Ryan Ballengee"

This is attributed to you at:

Ryan Ballengee said...

Jim, fair enough of a point, though I don't/didn't take any joy in the fact there the identity was revealed. That makes no difference to me. I'm not certain how I continue to out the individual, though. Short of taking down the comment that revealed the commenter's identity, I can't prevent anyone from finding it out. I guess it is a question of editing comments - which is kind of censorship - or not really paying attention to them - which I definitely don't want to do. It's a dilemma I have in this case.

Ryan Ballengee said...

Anon, that is not self-importance at all. I'm saying what has come across from people that support and do not support the referendum. Angela's response to my letter agreed that referendum supporters also want reasonably planned development. That's what they're taking the approach they are. I just disagree with their method. But, I do think we really want much of the same things.

Ryan Ballengee said...

For what it's worth, I did delete my comment.

jim adams said...

Ryan, thanks for your response to my comments.