Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Study in Contrast

Don't draw the wrong conclusion from this comparison, because the fund raising requirements of a CE and a State Delegate are wildly different. But I found this contrast between the fund raising strategies of two members of the same party amusing:

Fund raising, Ulman style:

County Executive Ken Ulman, a Democrat, has raised roughly $250,000 each of his first two years in office. His expenses are high, too, and his latest report shows $97,613 spent and $303,609 left. If his current pace continues through next year's election, he will have far exceeded his total raised over the past four-year cycle leading up to the last election, when Ulman raised $785,848. His sizable financial head start is also likely to discourage some would-be challengers to his expected re-election bid.

"We're on target for where we'd like to be," Ulman said.

Ulman also paid Art McGreevy, his former campaign manager, a $25,000 win bonus (which I have no problem at all with).

Fund raising, Guzzone style:

"I have one fundraiser a year. It's $35. People come," Guzzone said, explaining his success.


jim adams said...

Is this a measure of the money they raise or the confidence they feel in doing a good job.

I feel it is the latter.

Sorry for the comment, I have been watching the "House" Sunday marathon.

Anonymous said...

guzzone was sanctioned by the D's for that district. When is the last time an R was elected there?

It doesn't matter how much Guzzone raises. He's 'retired' to the state delegation.