Saturday, May 3, 2008

Explore Howard Launched

Explore Howard has rolled out its new format. This is a big improvement from before, which I have criticized in the past. The biggest change is that it is no longer a blog, but rather a news site that consolidates local news from various related publications (The Times, The Flier, The View from Ellicott City and the View from Western Ho Co). I am not totally clear, but I think the individual online sites for those local publications will be done away with and only Explore Howard will remain. Anyway, you can leave comments about articles, which is a nice blog-like element. They plan to juice it up with video content and make various other tweaks throughout the summer.

One improvement that I hope they make is the ability share articles with a permanent link, like you can with the New York Times. Often with local blogs, if you go back to read an old post, any article that was linked to in the Times or Flier has expired and it is no longer possible to see the article online using that same link. A permanent link would solve that problem.

My only complaint is that I can't find the letters to the editor for the Times or the Flier. Does anyone know where those are, or aren't there any this week?