Tuesday, April 29, 2008

County Milage

The Examiner had an interesting article about the vehicle mileage of certain County employees. Apparently, there is concern that the County may not have been property reporting certain personal mileage as a fringe benefit on W-2's. Here is a run down of some high mileage employees:

• Steven Parker, a public works employee, with 29,472

• James McNally, a pubic works employee, with 27,795

• Charles Gary Jones, a fire department employee whose vehicle was assigned to him as a battalion response vehicle and used by others, with 24,918.

• 244 police officers had vehicles, with the highest mileage being 40,349

• 40 sworn deputies and the sheriff had take-home vehicles.

• Sheriff James Fitzgerald logged 26,454 miles

I think the Examiner missed something very important in this article. Namely, the mileage of the most famous car in the County fleet, which is Ulman's well hyped Ford Escape Hybrid. I wonder how the Escape's mileage compares to that of the Crown Vic that Ulman is escorted around in?


Anonymous said...

I saw Ulman the other day - he was driving his personal vehicle.

Freemarket said...

Maybe it would be more cost effective to just reimburse him 50 cents per mile for the use of his own car for county business or something like that. I don't understand why he needs access to 2 county owned cars.

Anonymous said...

Seems reasonable.