Sunday, February 3, 2008

Big Brother is watching you

I have an interest in first edition printings of books that were controversial or historically significant in some way. One of the books I would like to add to my collection is a first edition printing of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four. While browsing in a used bookstore, my heart nearly stopped. I found what at first glance appeared to be a perfect first American edition of that book. After a closer inspection, it was obvious that it was a reproduction of a first edition. But it was cheap, and it was too cool to pass up. It is something every advocate of freedom should own.


jim adams said...

It shows good taste to collect first editions, and I usedstand the comment "It is something every advocate of freedom should own".

I read 1984 in the 60's and it scared me. I still have my old copy buried somewhere deep in the back of my basement, and I have no interest in locating it.

I'an an optimist by nature, but I believe our country is going to hell, yes, there is a little dichotomy in this sentence, and so reading 1984 would not be a good thing. It would only reinforce my bad thoughts.

I am reading "Testimony" by Nicolas Sarkozy. I have always admired France for their food, their wine, and their women, but mostly because they helped us win our reveloution. Now I add to my list the fact that our country has a friend in President Sarkozy, and I think we are going to need a few friends in the next few years.

Hayduke said...

I like the first editions, too, but I only have a couple in my collection -- most notably, Silent Spring, which an friend of mine who blames Rachel Carson for the malaria epidemic in Africa (he's wrong, however.

I also have a cool edition of The Monkey Wrench Gang with drawings by R. Crumb that is a highlight of my collection.

Dave Wissing said...

1984 - read it first in high school and a few times since. It still is my favorite book....