Thursday, February 7, 2008

Putting your voucher where your mouth is

Here is an interesting article in the Baltimore Sun on school vouchers, an idea that I strongly support. Surprisingly enough, a Howard County public school spokeswoman really brought home a great point:

But Howard County public schools spokeswoman Patti Caplan said the issue would be defused if the public schools improved.

"Public schools need to do everything they can to maintain a very high quality of education," she said. "When we're able to do that, vouchers become a nonissue."

Exactly. If public schools are so great, why are we so afraid to make them compete with private schools? I was surprised to see that a public school employee made the above statement, because many public school employees and their union strongly oppose school vouchers. That is bad for students.


Reiki Red said...

I'm surprised a school employee said that too. According to one that I know, all a teacher has to say something along the lines of "this student is not getting her needs met through our school system" and then pretty much, the county would have to pay for private schooling. Folks in the system are intentionally very careful with their choice of words. Wonder if/what the fallout will be on that one :)