Saturday, February 2, 2008

Who's on first?

If you are not sure which mainstream presidential candidate is for you, try this short multiple choice test. The questions do not cover a wide variety of issues, and both the questions and answers are somewhat ambiguous. On several questions I found myself wanting for another option. Despite these significant shortcomings, the test correctly predicted the candidate that I hate the least, which is Ron Paul. Too bad he has a less than a snowball’s chance in hades of becoming president.

The candidate that I am least in agreement with is John McCain. This means he will almost certainly be our next president.


jim adams said...

F.M. It is your apparent displeasure with politics, and. politicans that would make you a valuable person in an elected office. A few critical minds could make a difference.

Eludius said...

I've taken at least 5 different presidential surveys and all of them said I should vote for Ron I did. However, where does this leave us? The three leading candidates all favor free flow of illegal immigrants.