Monday, April 5, 2010

Columbia 2.propaganda

I don't have enough interest in the future of Columbia to take a hard stand on CB 58 and 59. I pretty much think that Columbia as a whole is destined to be a larger version of the Wilde Lake Village Center, although most people I trust are generally supportive of the plan and are fairly optimistic about downtown Columbia's future. I live a half an hour or so west of Columbia so they'll have to let me know how it works out over the next few decades.

However, it is unfortunate that a group like Columbia 2.0 would botch an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to Columbia's future, and instead promote three videos that are propaganda rather than good argument. The middle video featuring quotes taken out of context from a HoCoMoJo interview with Alan Klein in order to misrepresent his views is as misleading as it is annoying. And I say that as someone who has not drank the CCD kool-aid. From an unbiased point of view, that video is just completely inaccurate.

These videos are Lame 2.0.


Anonymous said...

They confirm my point that we're choking on biased press and don't need local organizations adding to the noise. Do something productive with all that time and money, good grief.