Saturday, January 9, 2010

All major charges dropped in Halloween shooting

The Howard County Police Department is batting a big fat zero on the investigation of the infamous Halloween shooting that left one person dead and another paralyzed. The attempted murder charges on the paralyzed victim were dropped early last month, and the murder charge was recently dropped as well. Given my already low opinion of the HCPD, it would not at all surprise me to learn that they have been chasing the wrong suspect all along.

Ivan Bates, another of Dixon’s attorneys, said Wednesday that he had about seven witnesses who could testify that Dixon was not at the scene of the shooting. He said the gun that was found in the house where Dixon was arrested was registered to the owner of the house and was not in Dixon’s possession.

Bates also said police should have checked cell phone records and interviewed all possible witnesses before arresting him.
“I was very bothered because it was definitely a rush” to arrest Dixon, he said.

He added that Dixon and Quick were friends and his client had no motive to shoot him.

Although the murder charges against Dixon have been dropped, police and prosecutors are still investigating the case, Kirwan said. “We felt it wasn’t appropriate to move forward at this time. However, our office is working with the police department.”

While the HCPD was busy screwing the pooch on the murder and attempted murder charges for the shooter, County Executive Ken Ulman was leading a lynch mob to harass the homeowners with petty violations. It is surprising to me that Ulman took such an interest in going after the hosts of this party but not the hosts of whatever party led to the recent death of a popular high school athlete.


mpm said...

This is crazy. I helped the injured young man get up a ramp into his grandmother's house (she lives next door to me). I didn't realize how he was injured until I read the name in this article...