Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Noddin’ my head like yeah, shootin’ my Glock like yeah

It’s a party in the Fiefdom of Ulman!

Ken Ulman personifies everything that I despise about government. There were a lot of poor choices that were made by various parties which led to the shooting of two people during the infamous Halloween Party. I am sure the HOA of that neighborhood will crack down on residents who rent out their homes for parties. I am sure the family of the deceased victim as well as the family of the injured victim will each get their day in court with whoever proves to be negligent. I am sure the shooter will spend some time in the slammer.

But none of this is good enough for Ken Ulman. Ulman is actually wasting taxpayer resources by having his staff research various ways in which they can harass the owners of this home with B.S. like not having a rental license:

“I’ve instructed my staff to look at every possible angle of the situation that brought this mayhem into the neighborhood,” he added. “I believe, certainly, the owners of this property that brought this into the neighborhood are culpable on some level. That party doesn’t take place, the shooting doesn’t take place.”


He’s asked departments, including police; fire; zoning; inspections, licensing and permits; finance; health; and office of law, to determine what violations apply to the Halloween incident and past incidents at the address, possibly including liquor licensing, underage drinking, zoning violations stemming from the use of a house as a commercial establishment, and permit violations, since there was not a rental license on file for the residence.

Ulman said he acknowledges that there are many instances when a party can unexpectedly go awry, but that he believes there is a pattern of misuse at the Manorstone Lane house. He added that he is unsure if any new legislation is necessary to prevent such occurrences in the future, but would consider proposing legislation if current laws are deemed insufficient.

“We’re going to look at every possible violation that occurred in this situation,” he said. “We’re just untangling the web right now. This raises all kinds of questions.”

Ulman is like the father of the balloon boy that will do anything to promote himself. The Howard County Police can bust down the door of an innocent person, shoot a family dog in cold blood, and Ulman is completely impotent to do anything because it might upset the beloved police union. Nine months rolls by and not a peep from him or any of his staff, as if everything is just great. Yet three days after this shooting he is running his mouth to the newspapers about how he plans to harass homeowners who are obviously in financial difficulties and are already facing major legal issues.

What a coward.


Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully they'll figure out that someone was killed by someone else, and that is a crime which requires action by the police and criminal courts. Hopefully.

Freemarket said...

And it looks like that has happened. A suspect is in custody and the investigation is continuing. The system in place seems to be working. And yet, without even knowing all the facts, Ulman has 8 departments working to harass the homeowner with a bunch of BS violations.

I don’t get it. The Howard County Police shoot and kill a dog during a no knock raid and Ulman doesn’t say a single word about it. Yet before he even gathers all the facts about this shooting, he already has a lynch mob forming to go after the homeowner.

Anonymous said...

Ulman is simply very liberal. It's very 'in' to run as a centrist and execute like a far left winger. Not long ago he also came down (verbally at least) on a West County woman for having a messy yard after her neighbors complained to him. I was shocked but no more. He thinks we should all be policing one another - yike.

Dogs. Precious gifts to be protected as they'd give their lives to protect us. The shooting incident will obviously not be forgotten. Howard's dog law is anti-dog and I haven't seen that many irreponsible dog owners that would necessitate subjectively removing household pets for any trumped up reason.

Anonymous said...

Everything Ulman does is calculated to advance his career to the next level, mostly through shameless self-promotion and pandering. His interests do not coincide with those of HoCo residents.

We should elect someone who has the interests of the constituency at heart.

Anonymous said...

There are lots of politicians that I don't agree with, but sincerely work for their constituents. These types should have our support, not the type whose agendas are personal and whose priorities place constituents at the bottom of the list, below personal and party considerations. If we agree with the all the policies of a politican, there's a good chance we're being lied to.