Friday, August 14, 2009

Magnet shortage

The Howard County library has ran out of Choose Civility bumper magnets, and is soliciting donations to purchase more:

WE'RE OUT OF CHOOSE CIVILITY CAR MAGNETS! The green Choose Civility magnets are so popular that we need your help to purchase more! Please consider donating $1 (or more) to the Choose Civility Car Magnet Fund. Donations may be given to customer service staff at any Howard County Library branch.

Just as a common sense practice, I would not make any cash donations to any library staff member unless I got a receipt. The chance of unrecorded cash getting to where it needs to go is very slim.


amy said...

Probably because my brother, and others around the county, needed five or six to cut up and make their "Screw Civility" bumper stickers. Hilarious.

Bob O said...

I got a really cool "Choose Hostility in Howard County" magnet from a friend. It really relieved a lot of pressure on me, because, although I tried to be civil in Howard County, I found myself being a real asshole in PG or Montgomery county...."must cut people off in traffic!" seems to be my observation of these bumper sticker like magnets around the DC beltway.

Kudos to Amy's brother.

Maybe it's some sort of way to make "Healthy Howard" look successful? Sorry, I had to say it.

theycallmetater said...

I hope your receipt comment is a general statement and not a specific jab at library employees being thieves.