Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shock doctrine

It's hard to take Rep. John Sarbanes seriously when he says things that are so absurd that he cannot possibly believe them himself. This is what Mr. Sarbanes had to say about our economy and health care:

"We can't have an economic recovery without health care reform," he said. "This is the moment to tackle it."

Really, dude? Our economy will not recover without further government intervention in the already heavily regulated health care system? That statement is completely false. It's actually pretty shameful of Sarbanes to use an economic crisis to expand the scope of government. Unfortunately, this is a common tactic. It was the Great Depression that was used to orchestrate the greatest ponzi scheme ever created: Social Security. Social Security makes Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme look like child's play, although it was undertaken with the best intentions. Now a new economic crisis is being used to rationalize the next moronic idea, this time in health care. Lucky us.


Eludius said...

Rahm Emanuel made no attempt to pull the wool over our eyes when he said on Face the Nation:

“Rule one: Never allow a crisis to go to waste,” Mr. Emanuel said in an interview on Sunday. “They are opportunities to do big things.”