Sunday, July 12, 2009

Daisy Used Car Lot and Public Park

The main reason I oppose redistributions of wealth is not because they are immoral, but rather that they don’t work. Goods and services do not flow from the privileged to the underprivileged. Instead, the resources flow from the dispersed interests to the concentrated interests. When you look at almost any program, it gets porked up with all sorts of crap which makes it more expensive and less helpful to those who could be said to need it most.

Take public schools for instance. Most people believe that everyone should get a “free” education. Who does such a policy benefit? The few poor children that get a decent education are incidental to the wealthy parents in this county who drive BMWs and have three kids in public schools who are getting massively subsidized tuition at the expense of everyone else. The same can be said for libraries, parks, and many other forms of government programs. Then there are other programs, like the home mortgage interest deduction, that are straight-up handouts to the wealthy with no real pretense of helping the less fortunate.

Another great example of this is the issue of the used car lot (or pre-owned car dealership, if you prefer) that is planned for Daisy. The so-called “Concerned Citizens of Western Howard County” oppose this lot, and they want the county to use our tax dollars to purchase the lot and build a park on it. They didn’t say anything about their desire for a community park until a car dealership was slated for the lot, now all of the sudden they are lobbying hard. I have to wonder if the dealership was selling John Deere tractors instead of cars if there would even be an issue. It’s very unfortunate that this is the state of our government at every level.


Anonymous said...

It's no secret that the CCWHC want a park instead of a car lot.

The kicker for you, FM, is that your tax dollars are one grain of sand away from being used to fix the road to accommodate the car lot.

Cost of park: 2-4 million
Cost of road widening: 10-20 million.

Freemarket said...

What road is it that needs widening? Tractor trailers are already using Daisy road regularly to pick up milk from Maple Dell Farm.

Anonymous said...

Not trailers the size required for the car lot. It's already in the planning stage, as the car lot looks like it's just a matter of time.

Not only road widening, but improvements for run off etc and and a new, larger roundabout.

Freemarket said...

Well, don't take it out on the car dealership if the county wants to shovel money in the pockets of road contractors for unneeded road work. The road is just fine the way it is. The CCWHC even hired a tractor trailer to navigate Union Chapel road as they followed in a chase car set up with a video camera. I think the video, which they posted on YouTube, shows the road to be adequate as is.

Anonymous said...

The video showed the road was inadequate.

Freemarket said...

I'll let people make that call for themselves after watching the videos. I'll post a link here to the ingress and egress videos when I get a chance.

SuckItCCWHC said...

CCWHC conveniently chose Union Chapel, with it's 90d turns, rather than Jennings Chapel or Daisy Road, for a reason. Where would these trailers be coming from that UC is the most direct route?

Sure, let's say that road is inadequate. What keeps the trailers from using Daisy Road, which would be the most direct route from I70, presumably a favorite of trailers importing cars? Or will CCWHC just bellyache over any proposed use of any land that's beyond a stagnating pile of brush on a vacant lot?

All of these anti-growth people need to just shut the hell up. No one is allowed to build additional houses (conveniently after they've built and moved into their own McMansions), no one can use a lot for the same purpose as it has been used for years. Yet, these loudmouthed breeders continue to have children and contribute to the growing population - the same growing population that will need places to live and jobs to work.

Don't want a car lot there - AGAIN- then fine, buy the lot. Don't expect me or my tax dollars to subsidize your rich asses' desire to shut out people and businesses that have every right to be there.

Anonymous said...

Every time ANY development occurs we pay for the infrastructure. Get it: money to politicians, then favorable decisions for the money sources, then taxpayers subsidize projects, then more money to campaign contributor sources.

We pay and pay and pay. No one seems to get that - it's what makes our world swirl down the toilet - and we're picking up momentum.

I get the anger toward moneyed residents, but they are not the source of the giant sewer-bound dizzying swirl we're in.

When's the last time you voted outside THE two parties? Go look in the mirror, dude.