Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gov't and tech

On average, government is probably about 20 years or so behind private industry with respect to technology. However, certain guvmint agencies are slowly starting to make limited use of social media.

How long will it take for guvmint to allow citizens to initiate referendums on facebook or some similar platform? If you think about it, there is nothing more stone age than going to a grocery store or some other place and asking someone to sign a petition. And the rules on signatures are so crazy nuts that the freaking Board of Elections barely know what they are. Wouldn't it be simpler to join a cause on facebook rather than deal with a bunch of paper signatures? Of course, the "signature" threshold would have to be raised from 5,000 to something more reasonable.

Also, the relatively simple technology that underlies social media could also make an idea like this one very possible. I think that would be pretty awesome.


Anonymous said...

The Howard County 5000 signature requirement is less than 3% of the registered voters and needs to be raised.

If referendums on the internet ever becomes a reality I would like the option for voters to be able to vote yes or no on a petition.

jim-adams said...

This thought has potential.