Sunday, April 5, 2009

2008 Bobo e-mail

I had already posted a link to the text of the first e-mail that Bobo sent in support of her preferred candidate for the CA board in 2007. Below is the text of the second e-mail that was sent in 2008.

E-Mail From Bobo 2008 E-Mail From Bobo 2008 hocoFreemarket

I have to say that I am surprised that someone who has been around the block as long as Bobo has would use an e-mail address provided to her with taxpayer resources in such a blatantly self-serving manner.

Unrelated to this particular matter, does anyone know what the rules are with respect to an elected official using a personal e-mail account to circumvent PIA requests? By that I mean conducting official business and perhaps using an official title in the signature of a personal e-mail, in order to avoid having to produce e-mails related to PIA requests from citizens? For example, what if Bobo would have sent this e-mail from a personal gmail account but signed it "State Delegate Bobo"? Or what if Councilperson 'X' is making deals/promises/etc. with certain parties using a personal e-mail account? I certainly don't know of any such instances, I am just curious.


Anonymous said...

I'm shocked. Shocked at the innocuous nature of the email after the drum beating, chest pounding, mega phone howling here and elsewhere.

You don't mind a select few in a single industry controlling every decision in the county, but this sets you off?

You're lost in the weeds, friend. Come on out of there.

Freemarket said...

Anon, the issue is not the message that Bobo communicated (being an elected official does not mean that she cannot express her personal opinion) but rather the way in which she communicated the message. Specifically, her use of her state provided e-mail address.

Furthermore, what select few in a single industry do I not mind controlling every decision in the county? That is a completely absurd misrepresentation of my position, and in fact, a select few controlling anything is the exact opposite the exact opposite of what I want. I think you are lost in your own rhetoric.

JessieX said...

April 25, 2007, I wrote a blog post called "Does Liz owe Bill an Apology." In it, I wrote, among other things, "Using her elected official email address, she sent a lengthy email to a number of Wilde Lake residents, claiming ..." Looks like this is SOP for Ms Bobo.

The comments on the blog post are rich.

Anonymous said...

Here is one clip of what can be read on Jessie's link:

"This may surprise people, but a basic right to have your voice heard does not equate to a premise that all voices are equal."

Maybe the disconnect is that Bobo thinks everyone has an equal voice.

Freemarket said...

How long can the anons continue to miss the point? This is not about attacking Bobo for her message. This is about using an official e-mail address to deliver the message which likely violates ethics rules and certainly violates common sense. Jeez.

Anonymous said...

According to the blog project interview, using official email was still allowed until last year.

It just doesn't warrant this kind of self-righteous indignation which usually speaks more to a political agenda.

Freemarket said...

What if Bobo sent the same e-mail in support of a GGP board member instead of a CA board member from her delegate address. Would that be appropriate?

Also, please let me know what my political agenda is. I am dying to know.

Anonymous said...

Bobo has been overstapping a little for years in CA, on the County Council, the County Executive, etc. She should focus on State issues and let other elected officials do thier own job!

Anonymous said...

Ah. But if only they would do their job - well.