Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I think that Doug Miller is confused as to the difference between news and opinion. I suppose there are a few blogs that provide news, but for the most part blogs are editorials. This is why I find the following analysis, courtesy of Mr. Miller, somewhat bizzare:

Many blogs come from individuals with agendas to push and without critical oversight. Consumers must always be skeptical of any news source, particularly those that have not established their credibility. But online media also present vast potential for disbursement of the nuts and bolts of government, the documents that form the paper trail.

This is what Mr. Miller said on his blog. Yes, on his blog. I don't think that he considers his own blog among those that push an agenda and lack critical oversight. He probably thinks he is providing news.

And is it just me, or does the last sentence of this quoted blurb not make any sense whatsoever? Very weird.


wordbones said...

...and he's getting paid to write that badly!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. HCCA is looking into the alleged decline in investigative reporting, and they will have the problem solved in no time. B-Mug is on the case and in their face.

Anonymous said...

I read and enjoy all of Doug Miller's editorials. He's very in tune with the whole community.

Anonymous said...

Now, WB, don't be prissy. His paper is bigger than your paper, and it's showing in your sniping.

Eludius said...

That is hysterical! At least everyone knows that my blog is authentic! :-)

Anonymous said...

I reread Doug Miller's piece over and over looking for whatever you're talking about.

Without doing a dissertation, he's responding to may a'query on the prospect of blogs replacing news organizations. He agrees, however, that the internet is a great place for wide dissemination of information. He's not allowed to comment on blogs in his blog? Pls complete your thought for readers.

Freemarket said...

May a’query? Perhaps you should put your monocle back in your eye, my good chap, and re-read my blog post a’gain. My point was only that this bloke Miller was blurring the line between news and opinion by speaking of blogs as a news source, which they are not. Also, I was noting that the last sentence of that quoted paragraph made no sense a’tall.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so you've answered the nationwide question regarding whether or not blogs are news sources, or support groups.

You'll need to inform these folks so that they can stop all that gaul dang news stuff they think they’re contributing:
and let’s not forget:
“Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries.”

So I guess since FM and WB are not ‘news’ in any form, we can start calling them FreeMarket Jones Diary, and WordBones Jones Diary.

Freemarket said...

Why are you trying so hard to be obtuse?