Friday, March 20, 2009

Reduced spending

During a budget meeting, Ken Ulman joked that “Anyone who would like to ask for less money, please feel free.”

I would like to ask for less money to be spent. In fact, most people probably want less money to be spent, or at least for spending to be flat. The majority of people who attend budget meetings like that one are those who are asking for our tax dollars to spent on some pet project of theirs that will “benefit the public”. People who want a more restrained budget are not as motivated to go out and speak as the special interests are.

My favorite quote from a citizen who testified is this one: “Every dollar spent on a library is a dollar well spent.” Strangely enough, I think that person means that every dollar of someone else’s money spent on a library is money well spent.


Anonymous said...

Since no one is posting, I have an event to note.

The decline of investigative reporting will be discussed Tuesday per the HCCA website. Time/Place available there.

Patuxent and Sun reports will comprise the panel. Should be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Patuxent and Sun reportERS will comprise the panel.

Anonymous said...

If you want to investigate something, why not start with Kenny Ulman?

1) Was he ever "Secretary of the Cabinet" like he said?

2) Does "Secretary of the Cabinet" even exist?

3) Why did he remove his detailed bio from his County page once elected?

4) What about "Director, Board of Public Works"?

5) Why wouldn't he release his employment records when asked?

Just a few, off the top. Nevermind his bust of a health care plan.