Sunday, March 15, 2009

More stuff the library does not have

For awhile, I have been passingly interested in developing my own apps for the iPhone. The extent of my programing background is limited to a little Visual Basic, but I am interested in pursuing some iPhone/iPod Touch stuff as a hobby (that is, if my wife will let me touch her Mac). With that in mind I decided to look at the library for books on iPhone application development. I was not surprised to learn that they did not have a single book on the subject. Very lame.

In fact, the library database is so out of touch that it offers to correct the spelling of "iphone" to "upon".

True, there is much information on the subject available online, but that is the case with nearly any topic imaginable. That is also part of the reason why libraries are obsolete. At any rate, Amazon has a somewhat respectable selection of iPhone app programing books so I don't think that using books is too old fashioned.

The HoCo library, pathetic as it is, is supposedly known across the nation as being top notch. Just think how badly the other libraries must suck.