Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Money well wasted

I guess Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon does not read my blog. Despite my warnings to the contrary, she wants city "stimulus" funds to focus on creating jobs. That money will be spent on the most inefficient and wasteful programs she can find.


Anonymous said...

Don't put me on the same side as Dixon, but jobs are precisely the answer.

People with jobs pay mortgages, buy cars, pay bills. People with no job live on gov't assistance.

The banking bailout is outrageous compared to the 'pork barrel bail out' as it's being termed. The benefits of giving a person a job rather than giving a banker a spa trip are nearly immeasurable.

Not to mention the compassion factor - again, don't put me in the group of bleeding hearts, but when people are homeless and bankers are using taxpayer money to have offices refurbished, it makes a sane person want to sit down and cry.

GrantS said...

i like the way of presentation

Anonymous said...

Where is everyone this week? Posts and comments have been light.

Still sleeping, I guess, what with the time change and full moon disrupting routine sleep.

Anonymous said...

Regarding taxpayer money going to bankers rather than homeless - I'm going to have to rethink my tax and charity strategy.

I tell my fundamentalist Christian friends that they don't need to tithe at their church because they already tithe each week by paying income tax so the government can care for people. But now that the money is no longer going to help the homeless, I guess I need some tax shelters for all that tithing I'll need to do.

Eludius said...

It's a politician's job to find the best ways to waste money. It's in their job description. When the gov't is spending an average of $175,000 to create a construction job, you know they're doing the right thing!