Monday, March 9, 2009

9A candidate

One of the folks running for a State Delegate seat for 9A, Jon Weinstein, has a campaign blog. Most of it is the standard Democratic nonsense (blah blah blah, let’s throw more money at public schools, blah blah blah). But this is a trip:

Here is how Mr. Weinstein plans to improve access to health care:

Support Howard County’s health care program and enable other counties to build similar programs to set Maryland as a model for the rest of the nation.

That is so uninformed that I really don’t even know how to react. Considering that he did not use the proper name of the program, I seriously wonder if he even knows what he is talking about. By the time the election rolls around in 2010, I’ll be curious to see how the Healthy Howard Access Plan has evolved or if it is even still around. I read that they finally enrolled more than 100 people in HHAP a little while ago, and they have resorted to paying non-profits $20 a head for referrals that are accepted into the program.

He also wants to subsidize home loans for teachers and public safety personnel, because if there is anything we have learned from our current economic crisis it’s that you really can’t go wrong encouraging people to borrow money to buy houses.

I am not a fan of Bates and Miller, but this guy is certainly no better.


jim adams said...

F.M. I am sure Jon appreciates the attention you are giving him, and I would also like to mention, if you haven't made use of it, his site allows for comments.

Also getting to know the candidates beyond their blog, would afford both parties the opportunity to exchange ideas, and possibly result in more mutual understanding.