Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lisbon Hotel

Welcome to the Hotel California. Uh, I mean Lisbon Hotel. The Lisbon Hotel is an historic property that has fallen into significant disrepair, as evidenced by the photos below. I don’t care how people maintain their own property, it is their right to maintain it however they want to. What does irritate me is when “historical activists” rail against the destruction of historical property the day after the bulldozer leaves, but they don’t do anything to raise funds to purchase and renovate the historical property while the opportunity exists. A few vocal people in the community pretended to be upset about the recent destruction of two dilapidated houses in Lisbon, so we will see what they try to do (if anything) to save this hotel. My guess is that they will just demonize the developer or property owner after the building falls down.

Here is the front:

Here is a shot of the back of the hotel. The whole back is plywood that does not appear to be pressure treated:

Here is a shot of the brick side:

Here is a shot of the non-brick side of the hotel and the only place in Lisbon that you can't park (besides in the mail truck parking spot):

Here is a shot of the giant pit behind the hotel. This is where the bad children were made to stay:

Here is a shot of the upper porch. Note the missing supports:


jim adams said...

thanks for posting this.

i think too many people complain, never offering or working towards solutions.

Anonymous said...

Your unequivocal support for all things developer reminds me of the story about people being taken away (disposed of?), but the narrator didn't mind because it wasn't him. Until they finally got to him and no one was left to speak up.

Your disgruntled feelings about activists are irrational. If money runs the influence, and influence runs the decision making, then why do activists irritate? they have neither money nor influence. You speak like an abject conformist with those who have and abuse power. It's irrational because you're also someone who purports to be libertarian.

Freemarket said...

You are referring to the “First they came…” poem. Look it up on Wikipedia so you know what you are talking about next time.

Secondly, I am not a fan of developers. They are a special interest just like the community activists. I am a fan of individuals pursing their separate interests without the force and coercion of government telling them what to do. If you actually understood the message of this post, perhaps that would have been clear to you. Instead, you chose to get your panties in a bunch and poison the well against me by associating me with a special interest.

jim adams said...

i am impressed f.m., you know poetry. I thought you were just a bee keeping economist who want to change the world one posting at a time, now i find out your a man of culture.

Anonymous said...

Yeah man. That panties argument is rife with logical premise, reasoning - both inductive and deductive - firmly leading to a "true" where your statements are concerned.

Keep up the good work on those undergarments arguments - you can expect the support of, say, those who are perpetually running for office and not heretofore disposed of truth when mutually exclusive to diplomacy.

Yeah man. ;)

jim adams said...

"yeah man", just a thought. Mixing slang with terms of logic, is like putting sand in vaseline, not only irritating but completely unsuitable for the intended use.

Practice writing what you mean, and mean what you say,doing it in simple word structures. For many people this is hard, but once mastered you become an effective communicater.

jim :)

Freemarket said...

In Western Howard, we don't speak well. We talk good!