Sunday, September 28, 2008

A sight for sore eyes

Two dilapidated vacant homes at the intersection of Rt. 94 and Rt.144 in Lisbon have been demolished and removed. You would think that cleaning up the community in this manner would bring praise, but not everyone is happy.

"The houses were built before the Civil War," said Michael Prosise, a history buff who lives in nearby Daisy Woods. "Now we have a big eye sore."

Below is a pic of the current site. The two houses were sitting on the area that is now sewn in grass seed and covered in straw:

And another:

Other than the McCain sign, I don't see an eye sore on this site. The orange fence looks out of place, but that is probably required by the county to be placed around all demolition sites. What is interesting about this is how several folks in the community have labeled the property owner as a "developer", which for them is akin to being Satan. The guy is a local resident and has owned adjoining property for years. He even grew up in Lisbon and cut grass at these two houses as a boy. His "real job" is building those mini-barns that you see in the background. I guess if he is a developer, having this blog makes me a writer.


JessieX said...

Ta da. You are a writer! I have several blogs and publishing platforms, so I must be a publisher.

jim adams said...

Defining ourselves can be a good thing, but getting back to Lisbon.
Lisbon is an interesting little town. There is the Horse Rescue Farm, a place where you can learn a great deal about horses.Lisbon performance, a great place for auto repair and car detailing, a gas station/restaurent that serves good food. A good place to look at and if you want to purchase yard sheds, and if you really know the area a great place to buy an Engish saddle. I almost forgot, a Fire.Dept that puts breakfast together one Sunday of the month.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you. You've never had a run-in with a powerful entity, in addition to not being sued. Where ya been man?

The reason people equate developers with satan is because of this type of slimy destruction that occurred in the middle of the night when two civil war homes are forever lost, and then getting away with the same.

Freemarket said...

Anon, those homes were falling apart. Did you try to buy them and restore them? Or is that someone else's job?

Anonymous said...

reality check, anon 6:10- unless you are living in a cave, you've supported the work of at least one developer.

so many people throw stones, yet have no problem doing so AFTER they've bought into a nice cul-de-sac, then rail against the very process and people that allowed them to live there.

convenient. hypocritical, but convenient.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:55 get off the attacks, we've had enough from developers who stop at nothing.

Anonymous said...

so are you asserting that you live in a cave? Is the attack of which you speak when I called you on living in a house?

developers who stop at nothing? yes, it is quite ruthless for a member of the community to go through standard DPZ processes, gain proper demolition approval, demolish a dilapidated structure, and complete clean up of the site within 2 days. quite shameful, indeed.

do you live in a 100+ year old house? Have any concept as to the time and money involved in maintaining much less restoring a "civil war era" home?

if not, shush, or step up and purchase one of the many, many other homes in the county in need of rehabilitation. heck, purchase them all.

any of you living in glass houses with drywall instead of plaster ought to start practicing what you preach.

Anonymous said...

Still, attacking.

I'm not defensive enough to describe the house I live in. This is not about those who voice opposition.

You're defensive because you don't have a leg to stand on with this particular item.

Anonymous said...

I'll accept your ommission as an admission. very good.

this is very much about those who voice opposition. burden of proof is on you, as Mr. Myers has done everything by the book and within his legal right.

and actually, i do have a leg to stand on. let's call the leg "DPZ."

Anonymous said...

Ah, the DPZ. A developer's best friend. Sounds like you have a personal agenda.

Kettle said...

Pot, it's you! Good to hear from you!