Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fire! Ready! Aim!

The hunter who shot out the window of the daycare facility will be charged with negligent hunting and failure to report harvest of a deer within 24 hours. While I am against hunting, I do hate hunters slightly less than other meat eaters because the hunters have the blood on their own hands- literally. The people I really cannot stand are the ones who complain about hunting but see nothing wrong with eating a hamburger.

I think that Ken Ulman’s desire to want to increase the distance that hunters have to be from buildings is very foolish. Any hunter with a minuscule amount of responsibility can safely hunt two feet away from a building. Obviously, the hunter’s back must be to the building and the zone in which the hunter will fire upon must be clear of obstructions. If the hunter is firing directly toward a building, then that hunter would probably have to be 1,500 yards or more away to be safe. If a hunter lacks responsibility, no law is going to keep the public safe. It is not possible to identify a "safe" distance.

You can’t legislate being a good neighbor, and you can’t legislate stupidity. Likewise, you cannot simply legislate that hunters must be X feet away from a building and think that you are making the public safe. The current law is 150 yards. It is an arbitrary number and increasing it to another arbitrary number does not make sense. We'll see what kind of legislator that Ulman is based the law he comes up with.