Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blago my eggo

What is the big deal with Blagojevich? With the exception of his unapologetic brazenness, his crass language and bad hair, nothing he did is outside the norm of an elected official, especially for an official at that level. True, most politicians would not have basically held a public auction for Obama’s Senate seat, but they do sell stuff that does not belong to them. Many of our local politicians sell privileges to developers and other special interest groups in exchange for campaign contributions. They also sell jobs and other benefits to key supporters. Many people may disagree with this next one, but they sell other people’s money in the form of libraries, swimming pools, schools and other crap that could be provided easily in a freed market.

In my view, at least Blagojevich is not trying to hide what he is doing. His dumb ass doesn’t even think he is doing anything wrong. And neither do his colleagues.