Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Maybe later

I was at my polling place by 7am but the line was outrageous. I'll
probably try again later.


James said...

It was the same at Phelps Luck (6-14) at 8:00, so I grabbed some breakfast and half an hour later it was cleared up.

Freemarket said...

Thanks. That squares up with what I have been hearing from other sources.

The Mangy Squirrel said...

I waited in line to vote like 10 mins longer then I waited to get my free coffee from starbucks!!

Anonymous said...

Started waiting in line at 6:30am. I've never heard so many racist comments from blacks. Seemed like they were all commenting on how great it was Obama was black-- nothing about his policies, there's not much there to talk about though. Can you imagine what would happen if you said how great it is McCain, Barr, Hilary is white? This was in a less-than-desirable corner of the county. I wouldn't expect them to vote any other way than democrat anyway. The liberal "do as I say, not as I do" elite has people convinced that they can't take care of themselves and need democrats in power to do it for them.

Here's an example of how Obama has his followers hoodwinked:

Cast my vote 45 minutes later. Proud to be an American. Sad that "getting the vote out" has taken more importance than "getting an educated vote out."