Monday, August 4, 2008

Tip, tip, wag

Alright heros, I am going to rock it out Steven Colbert style again today with two tips of my hat and a wag of my finger:

First I tip my hat to Greg Fox who I saw Sunday afternoon at the Fair in the dunking booth. He was humiliating himself to earn money for the West Friendship Volunteer Fire Department. I saw several other politicians at the Fair that day, including Ken Ulman, Warren Miller, Gail Bates and Alan Kittleman. However, Greg Fox is the only person who I saw doing anything other than shamelessly promoting himself, so he gets a tip of the hat. Although, he could have earned some extra credit if he only had a tattoo on his back of a marijuana leaf with the caption “Legalize it” underneath. I tip my hat anyway.

I also tip my hat to Ken Ulman, who yanked some county owned cars from certain county employees, in an effort to save taxpayers $700,000. That is a whole lot of money. I think that Ulman generally spends entirely too much money, but in this case he cut a type of spending in which tax payers were clearly getting little or no benefit.

Finally, I wag my finger at Jim Robey for allowing so many employees to have take home automobiles which cost tax payers $700,000 per year. Not only that, but in some cases commuter miles exceeded legitimate business miles. The fact that there were no safeguards in place to detect or prevent this kind of misuse speaks very poorly to Robey’s leadership ability. What’s worse is that many county employees who lost their automobile for personal use are probably irritated at Ken Ulman for taking the cars away. In a very real way this is a pay cut for many county employees, and Ken Ulman is left looking like a jerk while Jim Robey is high and dry. Term limits made Mr. Robey ineligible to continue wasting our money at the county level, so he is now wasting our money at the state level. Wag, wag wag.


Anonymous said...

And a hat tip to you for remembering that it was Robey who put those cars in place. He still holds office, let's not forget, and is subject to re-election.