Monday, August 4, 2008

Martha Stewart at the Stockyard

The Baltimore Sun had an article about what youth learn from showing animals at the Fair. The gist:

"The whole goal is to teach [youths] life skills they can use now and as adults," Burdette said. Those skills include responsibility, decision making, learning new things, communication and creative thinking, she said.

What life skill does painting a cow's hooves prior to the livestock show teach?

It teaches the very important Fred Astaire cow dance!


Anonymous said...

That is very funny - I hope it was meant to be humorous.

My children learned tremendously from caring for animals, whether kittens or horses, or dogs. It gives them a totally new perspective - as in "Oh! There is something more important than my own demands, like making sure my pet has water!"

'Water' is one example of many.

Hoof care is important, and sometimes hooves are treated with substances that promote health, though some are applied cosmetically but only following careful hoof cleaning which can add greatly to the animal's quality of life.

I guess its something you need to witness to understand.

Freemarket said...

This was intended to be partly funny but also intended to mock the livestock show. If I go back, I'll check the trash cans in the pig area for lipstick.

Anonymous said...

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I am picky though- kittens' claws must be clean and neat. Even though they don't make it into the dish, they make for a great garnish. Plus, I find that kittens with neat nails are more tender and do better when baked.

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Freemarket said...

Oh snap!

I would think that healthy hooves would not need to be spray painted with a can of krylon in order to be judged well. It sounds to me like such a tactic is to hide unhealthy hooves. I guess the lesson children learn here is that short cuts can take the place of proper care and hard work.

Anonymous said...

Now now.

If you are bent on assuming the worst, no amount of logic or truth will interfere.

Freemarket said...

Now now, yourself. That is a very lazy and self righteous response. Did you learn those characteristics from livestock competitions?