Saturday, June 7, 2008

Paying at the pump

Today is an historic day for me. I filled up my Toyota 4x4 and I spent the most I have ever spent for a fill up: $62.55. The tank was almost empty, and the per gallon price was $4.10.

The good news is that everyone is now in conservation mode, which which will benefit the environment. Car pooling, biking and combining trips has suddenly become a lot less costly for many people. As has the burden of making sure your tires are at the proper pressure, your car is tuned up, etc.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe we're talking about drilling for more non-renewable petrol rather than chasing alternative energy sources and pursuing conservation while driving grounded airbuses to the grocery.

Which circle of hell houses blood sucking parasitic gluttons?

jim adams said...

We all talk of the need for change, but it is human nature to talk of one thing and do another.

Change does't occur from words alone.

Rising prices are needed if we are to accept other forms of energy.