Sunday, June 22, 2008

It either comes from taxes or the fairey godmother

There is a not too shocking surprise in a recent article from the Baltimore Sun:

Requests for more public facilities was a theme for the County Council last week, at a public hearing and at a joint meeting with the school board. But one vital - and politically touchy - element was missing from the debate.

No one among the Elkridge residents who said they want a larger library, fire station, community center and more new schools, and no one among the school officials who need more for renovations and maintenance, suggested a way to get the money.
Elkridge residents that are asking for a new library, fire station and community center are probably asking for $100 million worth of buildings. Throw in some new schools and that figure is very easily doubled (probably quadrupled). And come on. A community center? Really?

No one suggested how to pay for any of this stuff because everyone already knows. The money for this stuff comes from exactly one place: taxes. All government spending is taxation, and that is the bottom line.


jim adams said...

There was a time in my life when I had a number of friends in Elkridge. That was back in the late 50's and early 60's. Elkridge at that time was a pretty old and beat up part of the county. But no more so than Ellicott City.

Now Ellicott City is built up and or antique. Elkridge is built up, and or old. It is a shame. Many of our founding fathers traveled through Elkridge. Latrobe (maybe misspelled)who designed D.C. had a home there. There was a river that use to move through that area, that at one time offered great promise as a route for trade.

This is not the time to raise taxes ( ya! I know there never is a time to raise taxes), but this could be the time to think out of the box.

Like fed., state, local, tax credits, or revenue bond financing, and incentives for BRAC individuals. I bet there are some very smart people who could revive that area and make it the envy of Howard Co.

p.s.tomorrow morning, before I get out of bed, I am going to look under my pillow, maybe the fairey godmother will leave me something. You think??????

Zinzindor said...

I was in college, doing part-time work for a firm that did telephone polling for political candidates. I'll never forget the education I got on one phone call.

The script had me calling people in the relevant district, and asking about improvements in schools.

One guy told me he was definitely in favor of the improvements described.

Me: So how should we pay for that. Higher property taxes?

Respondent: No, no, they're way too high already.

Me: Higher sales taxes?

Respondent: No way! Everything costs so much more than the price tag, I can't afford to get groceries.

Me: How about higher income taxes?

Respondent: Are you nuts?!! My paycheck is already shrunken enough!

Me: (continuing to follow the script): Then how do you think we should pay for the school improvements?

Respondent: (pauses)

Respondent: (In frustration) I don't think we should have to pay higher taxes at all! I think the *government* should pay for it!

I just stared at the receiver, open mouthed and couldn't say anything. I learned more that day about the workings of government than I had in any college classroom.

Elvis said...

Don't be cruel...and tell a fella his shoe's untied when you know darn well he can't see his feet!

Freemarket said...

Elvis- I thought you were dead?

Elvis said...

F.M. I'm not only alive, but I know ya gotta count yer blessings. For example, I'm
thankful people call me "Elvis the Pelvis" My name coulda been Rick, man.