Sunday, June 29, 2008

Horsing around

Yesterday was the "Open House" for Days End Farm Horse Rescue. They had just moved to a newer, fancier location and decided to let the community take a look at it. I am an animal lover, so I embrace the concept of animal rescue organizations and I welcome them to the community. However, I think DEFHR did a bit of a bait and switch with their "Open House" event. The term "Open House" implies a public outreach event where the community is invited to see what kinds of charitable activities that the host is engaged in. However, DEFHR did not have an "Open House", they instead held a fundraiser.

The difference between an Open House and a fundraiser is that with a fundraiser, it is typically expected that community participants have already embraced the charitable work of the host organization. Therefore, donations are expected at a fundraiser. It is not a public outreach event, it is a "give us money" event. At no time did DEFHR advertise that they were charging mandatory admission to their "open house", which would make it a fundraiser. The admission was only $2 per person, and DEFHR is a private group that can do whatever it wants, but I thought that it was in poor taste to misrepresent their event. That's all.

All that said, if you are in the market for a horse, you should check the rescued horses that are available for adoption from DEFHR.


jim adams said...

I agree it was in poor taste to misrepresent the event. I don't think they intentionally mispresented.
They may have realized they needed to cover the cost, but only after promoting it as an Open House.
I offer this as my own thought, I know they are more interested in their goals, and not the gold.
They not only do fantastic work with horses, they also do fantastic work with kids.
F.M. you presented your complaint in a well balanced manner. Thank you.

Elvis said...

You get a way better deal if you buy horses in bulk.

Anonymous said...

Characterizing $2 as "poor taste" is overboard, even for you FM.

Yes, it could have been a bait and switch, but poor taste?

After seeing an emaciated skin and bones depressed full grown Palomino they received, and seeing the happy and healthy beautiful majestic creature return through their efforts, there's not much they could do that would be less than gracious.

I knew the owners of that horse and when I found out that they blamed their 9-ish daughter I wanted to ban them from pet ownership forever, or worse. They had starved the horse who was left (starving) in her stall for days that turned into weeks that turned into months with barely enough on which to survive and no way to feed its self. Broke my heart, still does.

Freemarket said...

That story sounds like exactly the sort of thing that would justify a public outreach oriented open house. I'll bet a few examples like that would have netted donations greater than $2 per person.

Btw, do you eat meat? You criticize me for calling a $2 fee "poor taste", so I hope you are not trying to save horses while actively killing cattle.

Anonymous said...

I don't know many cow farmers who starve their animals to death.

Anonymous said...

If someone must be an intolerant vegetarian, animal rescue with only open houses to meet your criteria, you may be alone on that score.

Freemarket said...

Anon 7:13- do you know any cow farmers who send their cows the slaughterhouse? It sounds like you place such low value on the lives of cows that you completely missed my point. I actually care about all animals.

Anon 7:15- that does not even make sense.

jim adams said...

Looks like the horse manure has hit the fan, another 24 hours and we will have to muck out the whole site.

mustang sally said...

Poor taste? Actually, horse meat is quite delicious. I've never had a burger taste better than when made with horse. There's a great little cafe off the Rue Papin in Paris that serves it extra rare and topped with bleu cheese.

Yum! Wish Tersiguel's would put it on the menu.

jim adams said...

Mustang sally, you are a whip,
or should I say you are a crop.

I know the place your talking about in Paris, it is next to a wine and cheese shop that I frequent.

Next time I am in Tersiguel's
I will check under the bleu cheese.

Anonymous said...

You two are disgusting. Move to France where you'll be more at home.

jim adams said...

Anon 9:32, so you do have emotions!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:32! Always good to "meet" another vegetarian! How long have you abstained?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:23 Almost 3 years