Thursday, March 13, 2008

Produce Galore shuts its doors

As you may have heard by now, Produce Galore in Wilde Lake has decided to shut it's doors. I wish I could say more about it, but I have actually never been there. I go to David's Natural Market from time to time, but I have never set foot in Produce Galore even once. Of course, the usual suspects that love to get their name in the paper have amazingly foolish things to say to the reporters, like this gem from Liz Bobo:

Said Del. Elizabeth Bobo, "I think it's just so sad. I can't help but believe that with support from the local government, we could prevent something like this. There must be something we can do to help family businesses that give such a unique, personal service to our community."

Don't get me wrong, I really feel for the owners of the store. I think it sucks when a business that you worked so hard to build loses it's market relevance. But, as unpleasant as that is, it happens. And it happens because customers are shopping elsewhere. So please tell me, what can the local government possibly do to keep a dying business alive? Pay it's rent? Give it a break on property taxes? The problem with politicians like Bobo is that they can't see farther than the few facts that are right in front of their face- they are essentially wearing blinders. They miss the bigger economic picture. That makes it easy for them to make completely mindless emotional appeals, like the one Bobo makes above. Shame on you, Mrs. Bobo.

Many businesses in village centers are feeling the sting of competition, but the business in Wilde Lake to watch is Feet First. That is a business that has connected with the community. I believe that the owners of that store have even published a book of local running routes, complete with distances all handily measured out. They have also entrenched themselves in a large local running club. Will this deep involvement with the community pay off in the form of staying power? We'll see, because competition from a large shoe retailer is coming.


jim adams said...

I think Del. Bobo's heart is in the right place. Maybe someone one on the council should look into this. They have formed groups for things such as the horse park. Why not look at ways to prevent small business from losing in Howard County.

Imagine, with all the first place titles Howard Co. has, why not one more. Number one in small business growth.

Thanks for the information on Feet First.

p.s. Del. Bobo, a Democrate, caring about business. What is the world coming to.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that Bobo isn't caring about business. She's caring about the people at Produce Galore. If she cared about business, she'd be doing more to promote business in Town Center, rather than quashing it.