Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fact of the day

There is nothing really going on locally that has captured my interest, so I will (lamely) try to put some local spin to a national news story. According to Wikipedia, the median income reported by the 2000 census for a household in Howard County is $74,167. This is only slightly less that what the governor of New York is alleged to have spent on prostitutes.


jim adams said...

I was a fan of Gov. Spitzer. I read about him, books, newspapers, what ever. I was on his political e-mail list, being constantly updated about N.Y. issues, and his political activities.

Of course, now I am no longer a fan.

When I hear the news I was filled with a great and deep sense of disapointment. It wasn't just the politician, but the man that disappointed me.

We all make mistakes, but when we hurt those that we are close to, the ones that we say we care about, the ones we say we love, that is a mistake worse than political disgrace.

Spitzer will work this out, but I pray, and have prayed that his wife and daughters will find their own answers and come to terms with what has happened.

As for the rest of us, I think it is time to stop thinking of the money Spitzer spent, or the prostitutes. Lets think about those around us that we really care about, and think of the example we want to sit, and the way we want them to feel about us.

p.s. just one more thought, caring and loving is not a one way street, whether your in N.Y, visiting D.C., or living in the E.C. area.