Monday, February 18, 2008

Ulman on The Wire

The Washington Post reports that Ken Ulman appears for six seconds on the television show “The Wire”. He plays a reporter, which I guessing is short, arrogant and wears a suit. He was perfect for that role. I am only kidding our CE- he was kind enough to donate the $1,295 that he made to a foundation to benefit Officer Scott Wheeler and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Ulman draws on his college intern experience at a Baltimore TV station to play a television reporter who asks questions of authorities. In the fifth and final season, he's briefly seen in Episode 6, which aired Sunday, and Episode 7, which airs this week.

Now he has two things to add to his resume: actor and reporter. Yea!


Anonymous said...

Actor, reporter, sounds like the background of one of our recent Presidents.

Remember F.M., you brought it up first.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that anon was me.
Jim Adams