Friday, February 15, 2008

Gleaming the tube

Dude. Don't ride your skateboard at the inner harbor. Being a police officer is a thankless job, and officers should be given the benefit of the doubt whenever possible. But come on, this was uncalled for.


Eludius said...

It's tough to have respect for the police when you see videos of them acting like a total jackass. Officers of the law need to maintain complete composure (or at least some degree of composure). I respect the law. I respect authority. But I can't help thinking that every police officer that I've ever met and talked to has been an arrogant jerk. Way to build respect, Mr. Officer.

jim adams said...

Eludius, you make me appreciate my exeriences with police officers.

The officers I have meet, both men and women have been worthy of my respect, and to show them respect is to respect the law.

I will admit I have meet my share of arrogant jerks, but most of them were not individuals in uniforms.