Monday, August 16, 2010

Trent vs. Ken

Trent Kittleman's website has a pretty good message of smallish government and fiscal responsibility. I liked it so much I made another video. Yay for the interwebs!


Anonymous said...

Although a cartoon, the truth of the matter is that government spending can't outpace population growth like this. GEEZ, it's eye opening!

Time for a change, and time to rein in this profligate spending!!!!

(Yes, as a matter of fact that IS my SAT word for the day!)

Anonymous said...

Ulman's puffy CV will come back to haunt him eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

jessiex said...

Good job, Freemarket. I love-love-love this tool, xtranormal and have created a few videos myself and some small-scale uses I have on my mind for Burning Man prep.

I'm thinking of using xtranormal for some of the generational theory work I want to talk about. The flat voices allow humor, sarcasm and delicate subjects to be handled in a useful way, I do believe.

Perhaps we'll see some more videos from your creative mind. My word verification on this comment is "amminals." hint. hint.

David said...

Um, someone needs to explain to Trent that much of that budget growth is attributed to INCREASES IN PROPERTY VALUES. It is not a stright-line correlation with population increase.

That she is basing her entire campaign on that logical fallacy speaks volumes about why she has not yet been able to raise enough campaigns funding to even buy a decent new car.

I know the Republicans hadda throw something at the election this year. But this is embarrassing.

And I am a Republican, FWIW.

Freemarket said...

Ummm, what? Property values increase so we automatically have to spend more money in the county budget? The problem, David, is that you are confusing the expense side of the budget with revenue generation.

Talk about a logical fallacy!

Jen said...

FM- You made me want to be a FREAKIN NINJA!

This video was hilarious. I want to make one for every personality at work (of course, I'll capture everyone's "good sides").

Jen said...

Also, the AAA bond rating is not too meaningful. See Jefferson County, AL.

I see a future with diminished weight placed on the rating agency's role in refinancing debt.

Anonymous said...

ulmans daddy will buy him this election like he bought his way into politics. Agreed that his faked CV is a ticking timebomb that will prevent his rise in MD politics.

Jessiex said...

frackin' anons. chill with the cowardly name-calling. step forth and own your perspective. you don't have to love mr ulman or be his fan, but the name-calling and anonymous sniper attacks are so unnecessary.


HoCoRising said...

FRACK! Jessie an SG fan?!?

Also, FM is not a Republican (as far as I know)...just a talented comic.