Sunday, July 25, 2010

OMG look at all of this!

I do most of my grocery shopping at the Food Lion in Lisbon. Food Lion is an adequate grocery store with great service. No one will go hungry with Food Lion in the neighborhood. However, I visited the Safeway in Ellicott City today and when comparing the selection of products between the two stores, Safeway makes Food Lion look like it's run by the government.

For every one brand that Food Lion carries, Safeway seems to carry at least five if not ten. One of my complaints about Food Lion even prior to my visit to Safeway is that Food Lion's selection of Ben and Jerry's ice cream is extremely limited. Not so at Safeway. I was in heaven.

Food Lion is in a much smaller building, so naturally the selection is limited by available space. With Safeway to the east and the Mount Airy SuperFresh to the west, it could be that the market does not support a larger store in between. Or it could be that zoning regulations limit the size of the grocery store allowed in Lisbon. Whatever the reason, I probably looked like someone from a third world country marveling at the vast selection of products available at Safeway.


Anonymous said...

Go up to Hunt Valley to the Wegman's. It makes the Ellicott City Safeway look like Food Lion.