Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beam me up

HoCoRising gets the scoop that Greg Fox has Democratic challenger for his District 5 Council seat. His challenger is Dr. Zaneb Beams. This quote from Dr. Beams shows that she is quite the central planner, and she likes government as long as government is comprised of people who agree with her:

DR. ZANEB BEAMS: Government by the wrong people can be problematic. Government by the right people can be very well done.

BETTY ANN BOWSER: She's also willing to make less money if a public plan becomes reality.

DR. ZANEB BEAMS: A 10 percent reduction in most physicians' salaries, while it's difficult for a lot of us primary care physicians out here to make payroll at the end of every couple of weeks, a 10 percent reduction in our income is really not going to be that painful for us. And most of us, if you ask, most of us would be willing to make a teeny bit less in order to provide our patients with better care.

Since she has this health care thing all figured out, I'm sure she'll be able to organize our lives much better than we can ourselves. Of course, Greg Fox voted to mandate sprinklers in all new homes so I guess it's six in one, half a dozen in the other.


Anonymous said...

“We know government can be inefficient, if not managed well. We also know the government sometimes has a responsibility to step in and make things better for local communities. Jon knows how to help government improve efficiency and efficacy- that’s what he’s been doing for almost 20 years. With his focus on responsible land use, road safety, supporting local businesses, and more government accountability, Jon will bring the perfect mix of improving government and supporting business ownership to our state legislature.

I spent an afternoon going door-to-door, telling my neighbors about Jon. They asked him tough questions about a variety of issues. I was amazed at the depth and consistency of Jon’s approach to issues from slot machines to education and the environment. Listening to him explain his very reasoned, and compassionate approach to local and bigger picture issues, I was even more convinced that Jon will be the best representative in the Maryland House for District 9A.” - Dr. Zaneb Beams, MD, FAAP, Ellicott City, Democrat

Freemarket said...

Anon, your comment says nothing except that Beams supports Weinstein.

Anonymous said...

Your right I didn't think Beams had anything of substance to add either!