Monday, June 14, 2010

Montgomery vs. Fairfax

An interesting article contrasting the spending habits of Montgomery County and Fairfax County appears in the Washington Post. Montgomery County apparently has a deficit of $1 billion in a total budget of $4.3 billion. However, public school teachers are doing quite well in Montgomery County:

The results have been striking -- and strikingly unaffordable -- in a county where more than half of all spending goes to public schools. The average teacher salary in Montgomery today is $76,483, the highest in the region. Average pay for teachers is now almost 20 percent higher in Montgomery than in Fairfax and has increased much faster than in most local suburban school systems. Since 2000, salaries for Montgomery teachers, as for many other county employees, have nearly doubled, rising at almost triple the rate of inflation.

Teachers are pillars of any community, and Montgomery's are highly rated. But their compensation has outstripped the marketplace. Today, Montgomery schools spend about 20 percent more per pupil than Fairfax schools; they consume a greater share of the public spending than in any other locality in the region. The spending gap is not about classroom quality and student achievement; in those terms the two school systems are comparable. Rather, the difference is compensation, which accounts for 90 percent of Montgomery's education spending.


Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to have a gig as a school teacher. Vacations vacations, and then days off with pay. Nice. Unfortunately you have to establish politically motivated connections to be handed a job and keep the job. And you know what they say about politics being inversely related to skill. Explains a lot.

Jen said...

So teach.

Jen said...

I hope this is an anomaly.