Monday, June 28, 2010

Everybody's got their cup but they ain't chipped in

(Sorry, the only Phish song I am familiar with is their bluegrass version of Gin and Juice). According to this article on Explore Howard, Howard County police stole, er, "seized" $10,000 in cash and three vehicles from folks out and about for the Phish concert. I know I seem to be in the minority on this, but it seems a little Gestapo to me to steal someone's car because they are selling drugs, especially harmless stuff like marijuana and shrooms. It's pretty dumb that drugs are illegal in the first place.

Historically, seized drug funds have been used to help people needing treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, but last March Ken Ulman publicly patted himself on the back for taking some of those funds away from people needing treatment for drugs and alcohol abuse and instead using those funds to pay for elaborate high school prom parties.

Anyway, my personal research project will be to learn about where the HoCo police are storing these cars and how they end up disposing of them. It should be pretty interesting to follow the life cycle of a seized asset through the disposition process. If anyone knows anything about this feel free to drop a comment.


HoCoRising said...

Seized autos are normally sold at auction. I believe the seizure of not only vehicles, but also houses, that are used in the course of a drug operation is codified under Maryland law. That way you not only punish the wrong-doer, but also their family.

Anonymous said...

The Gourds covered "Gin and Juice" on their 1998 Gogitchyershinebox EP. It was re-released on their 2007 album Shinebox. It is often mistakenly credited to the rock band Phish (not to be confused with the NYC hip-hop artist Phish who provided background vocals on What's the DIfference)[7]. It is also incorrectly attributed to Blues Traveler.