Friday, May 28, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad, please send money

Howard County will receive $610,000 from the feds to cover the cost of the December storm, and are hoping to get more to defray the cost of the February snowpacolypse.

Almost $610,000 in federal money is headed to Howard County to help cover costs of a December storm that dropped almost two feet of snow on the area.

County budget administrator Raymond Wacks said the money, part of nearly $4 million in Federal Emergency Management Agency relief funds earmarked for Maryland, will be applied to a $6 million shortfall in the fiscal 2010 budget caused by snow removal costs.

County officials are still waiting to find out how much money they will receive for the cleanup of two February blizzards that crippled the area within a week of each other, Wacks said.

If the Federal government is stupid enough to pay us, I guess we should take the money. However, this just shows how ridiculous the federal government has become. Hurricane Katrina was a disaster, a few feet of snow that inconvenienced us for four days is not. If local governments cannot take care of themselves after snowstorms, they should not get a bailout from the feds under the guise of "emergency relief". Instead, voters should either elect local people who can get the job done or recognize that they will have to pay higher taxes or receive few services somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

When you add up all the whiney crying suburbanites who should live in a condo but have toxic lawns and were taking in gas when the snow thawed and they saw what the snowplows had done, rather than shoveling some dirt and planting grass they spent hours and hours on the phone arguing and demanding that county resources fix their lawns.