Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's the bees knees

A few months ago I blogged about ZRA 117, which would reduce the required setback for beehives. Current zoning classifies bees as livestock, which means the setback is 200 feet. The implication of a setback that large is that most people are prohibited from legally keeping bees on their property. ZRA 117 would change the setback for beehives to 25 feet.

Someone has set up a website to promote bee friendly zoning in Howard County. It looks like there's also a related blog.


Anonymous said...

In related news, a beekeeper tells me that the Howard County Beekeeper Assn has more members than HCCA.

Freemarket said...

I'm not surprised. HCBA fills up the dining hall at the fairgrounds with their monthly meetings. I think something like 50-70 people take the introduction to beekeeping course they offer every year at the fairgrounds.