Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Candidate for state senate

This is the first public mention of a challenger to Allan Kittleman's state senate seat that I have seen:

Running for Kittleman’s Senate seat on the Democratic side is Jim Adams, of Ellicott City.

Adams, 68, a retired accountant, said he believes Kittleman has not taken advantage of opportunities to work with Democrats on issues such as the state budget.

Adams said he will focus on environmental issues, health care coverage and public education.

“I don’t have a specific issue,” he said. “I just know that the record in terms of environmental support with the current Republicans in poor.”

I like Jim Adams, I think he is a smart guy with interesting things to say. I think he would be a fine Senator. However, Allan Kittleman is the one local politician who I think should be cloned rather than be replaced. So I guess I just wish Jim was running against someone else.


Anonymous said...

Two good political candidates in the same election? Sounds like an abberation.