Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why does a salad cost more than a Big Mac?

It's the government subsidies, natch.



Anonymous said...

That's one of many negative results of these huge subsidies. Organic food is more expensive, small farmers are driven out of business, we buy food from farther and farther away rather than local, adding all sorts of environmental impacts, from chem farming runoff to deisel exhaust.

Freemarket said...

Subsidies are indeed bad anon, but your argument is an oversimplification at best. Obviously we would not benefit by trying to grow our own bananas or oranges in Howard County. It is better for us and the environment if we ship those from far away places that grow them well. And larger farmers will always have an advantage over small farmers due to economies of scale.

Anonymous said...

Anthropologically, we are not supposed to be eating bananas all winter, FM.

We're supposed to be eating protein in winter and fruits/veges summer/fall.

We simply don't need food choices at current levels and in fact, it goes against what nature intended to lead us to optimal health.

Freemarket said...

It sounds like you are an advocate of the Paleo diet, anon. And that's cool, good for you. We were also designed to run barefoot. That does not mean we shouldn't let people wear running shoes who want to wear them.

Anonymous said...

I guess you'd say that since we weren't born with an internal toothbrush we're supposed to go around toothless.

Not the same thing.

Anonymous said...

In terms of health, bare feet is not optimal.