Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The most ironic thing I read today

School Board Member Allen Dyer on Doughoregan Manor:

i consider the historic significance of doughoregan manor beyond dispute and that significance should guide discussion of how best to deal with the FUTURE of doughoregan. in light of its historic value, the "private property" aspect of doughoregan is a sham issue. the question is whether the american public is going to sit by, in ignorance, while an irreplacable american historic site is destroyed piecemeal.

howard county local politics is much too small a forum for planning the destruction (or preservation) of doughoregan manor.

allen dyer

Yes, private property rights are a "sham issue" when dealing with the history of a nation founded out of respect for private property rights and individual freedoms as opposed to collectivist government intervention.


jim adams said...

Allen Dryer, is confused. There is no sham issue here.

Doughoregan Manor is a private residence.

If it were not private, it would be public, just as Mount Vernon and the Monticello are public.

And if it were public, the public would be allowed to tour the home and grounds.

Allen is looking for a reason to throw tax payer money into a private residence.

This would be a sham.

I, Jim Adams, have told him this, he just has a problem accepting the truth.

Anonymous said...

why is a school board member speaking on this issue? this is the problem when activist who are opposed to everything get elected. they don't focus on the job they are supposed to being doing. they use the office as a platform to pull a bobo or a swatek.