Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thanks, snow crews!

The roads are in pretty good shape. Thanks to all the county employees and private contractors who were operating plows and other equipment, you earned your overtime. Sadly, the government will take a large portion of your pay to waste it on nonsense. Oh, and if you are a county employee, they will be furloughing you later this year. But even though the administration does not appreciate you, I certainly do.

This county has plenty of money to spend on nonsense like the Healthy Howard Access Plan, recycle bins, tanning regulations and other absurdities, so I don't want to hear one peep from any of them about not being able to pay for stuff that government actually has legitimate cause to do, like snow removal:

The cost of cleanup from the storm has yet to be seen, but Watson says she expects it will be at least double the $350,000 spent following a Jan. 30 storm.

Prior to last weekend’s storm the county was already $1.3 million in the hole for snow removal this season.
Watson said the county will find the money to cover the debt, most of which will come from a contingency fund.

“If you can’t rely on your government now, then when can you?” Watson asked.



Anonymous said...

Thank you also to the HOA Bobcats in Long Reach who have helped many residents plow out their parking spots. Shoveling is a B*%$#!

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? Do you know the exact amount in the County's budget this year for each of the things you mention? How does that figure compare with the cost of snow removal this year? I think your characterization is misleading at best.

Freemarket said...

Ummm, what are you talking about, anon? Your comment makes no sense to me.